Editorial Policy

Key Editorial Policies that we implement before sharing anything on Tech Invention:

1. We verify the facts stated in each update and the latest news from at least three sources thereby ensuring their accuracy before sharing it on our platform.

2. Several similar articles are read and merged to create an original content for our website.

3. We practice sourcing from multiple articles which helps ensure that our Tech Invention does not reflect the views from just single news source but views that are vastly common.

4. Our contents are reviewed for plagiarism to ensure that no existing content is published through us.

5. We constantly try to keep our news and update grammar, spelling correct and also cross check for the facts to be true.

6. We produce genuine contents after verifying facts and produce a new article which shall not match any other posts or updates.

7. We use contents that are allowed by various content partners and in a manner mentioned in their terms and policies.

8. The multiple layers of check ensure that the materials provided by our website are plagiarism free and are checked at every stage.